Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The salty stone rests in the frozen layers of a winter wonderland.
Your lungs fill with cold gasping breaths.
You screech your voice, pleading for a miracle.
Your body lay flat in the crystallized ice.
Your face is red.
Your toes are blue.
Your chilled veins feel to burst.

You reach for the warmth.
Your hand aches with pain all through your veins just grasping for the stone.
Farther and farther your hand reaches.
You linger it with your fingers, moving it slighting forward toward you.
You feel the ruby piece of heaven placed inside your fist as you clench it tight.
You pull it to your heart.

It's all you need.
To keep your blood pumping.
To keep it alive.
To keep it loved.
To keep it yours.

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