Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our heads, your heads. One. None.

Accept the negative things as positives. Accept the fact that people are hypocrites. Release your feelings with those around you so they know how to treat you. Release the truth, even if it's harsh, honesty should never be taken as an insult, even if we are vulnerable. Thoughts about yourself that are dark, brooding and negative are a part of you, not the whole. We need to accept those parts and be able to talk about them, not run away from them.

Being human is accepting everything and anything about yourself and other human beings. You don't need to lie to yourself, saying they're wrong and you're wrong. If you can put yourself in other peoples shoes without taking time to think about it, even if they're someone you dislike, you're on the right track. Thinking as if experiences are what teaches a person how to be, so we should take everything in considoration to ourselves. Good or bad. Don't lie to yourself by thinking that the way you see the world is the only way to see the world.

We need to be able to express the emotions we hide. People need to learn to take hostility without getting hostile. Learn the difference between 'need' and 'want'. Don't lie to yourself on that one. That's the biggest psychological problem humans seem to have. Be aware of when you tell yourself that things are going to change but you do nothing to make this happen.

The real you is the one whose passions, beliefs, values and preferences matter but should be vocalized and shown in more constructive ways that help and nurture others, not treat them as barriers in your way or as sources of confrontation.