Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The salty stone rests in the frozen layers of a winter wonderland.
Your lungs fill with cold gasping breaths.
You screech your voice, pleading for a miracle.
Your body lay flat in the crystallized ice.
Your face is red.
Your toes are blue.
Your chilled veins feel to burst.

You reach for the warmth.
Your hand aches with pain all through your veins just grasping for the stone.
Farther and farther your hand reaches.
You linger it with your fingers, moving it slighting forward toward you.
You feel the ruby piece of heaven placed inside your fist as you clench it tight.
You pull it to your heart.

It's all you need.
To keep your blood pumping.
To keep it alive.
To keep it loved.
To keep it yours.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

All the days

I'm counting down all the days
We spent together.
Smiling and laughing,
Both at each other.

You seem to have it all,
All that needs to be shown.
You don't have to introduce,
I already known.

When I sleep at night,
I dream of you.
Your face, your hands,
your lips, just you.

Nobody can imagine you quite like me.
I'd die,
if you ever left me.

Out of all the days we spent together,

I'm still counting down the days,
We smiled and laughed at each other,

Friday, May 29, 2009

My Cure

Lure your fingertips onto my skin.
Blackness erupts deep within.

Lifting off the slightest ache.

Leaves my body, jolted awake.

Craving your touch, the warmth of your skin.

Blackness erupts deep within.

It's left forever, gone for now.

Your my cure, so hold me now.

Our toes twine, our arms align.

Our cheeks brush, the slightest touch.
The blackness is gone, you never left sight.

Your here forever, my cure for the night.

When i need you here, you appear by my bed.

You lay beside and rest your head.

I become calm, warm, safe.

My cure,

My love,
in the safest place.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Us, 8th graders of 2009 are graduating to high school.
To become someone? Yes.
To start our journey on getting steps closer to the future? Yes.
To praise for our accomplishments? Yes
To learn from our mistakes? Yes.
To improve our weaknesses? Yes.

Out of the two years of Jr. High school, all of us, learned something new.
May not be school education.
May not be friendship.
May not be discipline.
May not be family.
But we all have learned something new.

We have come a long way now. Two years ago we were in Elementary school, calling them; big kids. Now our parents call us teenagers. Soon we will be called minors. And after that? Adults. Taking it serious, is the next level of maturity. Us 8th graders probably all despise school, but now we must accept it as a path to freedom. But before we get to put that key into it's door, we must complete our years of high school.
I'm ready.

I have learned so much out of the year. We all have. We all changed and became somebody we didn't think we would turn out to be. You may change in high school. You may become alike somebody you don't like. The future is ahead of us, you don't know what's coming.

Our friends; They are the people you survive with through the years of school. They are the people you lean on when issues disrupt living. They are the people that come and go, but only a few stay with you forever. Keep close friends, ones that respect you, care for you, and are there for you in time of need. You never know which friends may end up being your enemy. We have learned- who our good friends are.

I am looking forward to my years of high school.
I am looking forward to making new friends.
I am looking forward to new classes, different teachers, and a new school.
I am looking forward to the future.
Everything ahead of us awaits to be lived.

Let's live it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Wake up.

The meanings of endings don't explain what's coming for the future.
Nothing less than communication.
Nothing more than actions.
"You'll get there one day, just wait for the future"

What if the future doesn't arrive soon enough?
Getting lost in the present?
The past is always there.

You can't escape.

Whether your

It's always unexpected.

Just wait and see what's comes for you.
You'd be surprised what little wait could bring;
big tremendous amounts of happiness?
Or big sorrows, full of emptiness.

Just wait and see.

"What lies beyond, seeks to find it's way."

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Creaks in the wooden floor.
Candle placed upon the scene.
Match strikes against it's burn to light.
The crisp and crackle of it burning.
The light is so bright tonight.
The dark room is shattered with silence.
No cars, animals, voices, or laughter.
Brushes the seat, dust to away.
Flying in the air as sat upon the seat.
Hands gently tighten, placed upon the keys.
She plays tonight, with a candle light, for you baby.
Come home tonight and listen to me play.
First note, your love. Your mine to stay.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


You left me here, to waste and dry.
To crinkle and brake, wrinkle and die.

I live to this moment, waiting for you.
Come save me, love. Like i dreamt you'd do.

You whispered the words, they were scared to say.
You said them to me, and i said i'd stay.

I'm here waiting and listening,
For your voice to come.

And when it does, we will be gone.